a welcoming place to meet in an inspiring environment with a fascinating collection of art objects 
an exceptional platform for idiosyncratic cross-over artists…
Artecetera has a fascinating and varied programme with presentation moments, table discussions, exhibitions, lectures, studio visits etc.
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Organise a memorable group visit to ‘artecetera’ in Tielrode’s former shipyard. 
3500m2 arranged as one big ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’:
a world of kaleidoscopic artworks, and a melange of contemporary art, collectable design and craftmanship.
Immerse yourself in an intriguing world where you will lose all sense of time, and all your senses are on edge.

An inspring guided tour with afterwards culinary delights served on contemporary silver and table jewelery.
The group can opt for one of the following formulas:
1| coffee, tea and friandises 
2| reception with fingerfood 
3| a generous breakfast or high tea 
4| an edible painter's palette as an unforgettable 'food experience' 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, a price-request, an appointment or reservation.
We’d be delighted to help you arrange your visit to Tielrode!