Anne Marie Laureys Ceramics

Laureys is internationally recognised as a ceramic artist of a seldom achieved top level and represented in leading museums worldwide.
It all starts with a series of thrown vases on the pottery wheel. The wet and soft clay is subtly pushed, pinched, pulled, dented, folded with the fingers. Thrown and deformed parts are assembled together and the essence of clay and traces of movement are hypostasized into solid form. This results in amorphous objects with a sensuality that stresses the ample suppleness of clay, in sculptures that exploit the tension between volume and skin, between texture and color.

Anna Heindl
​​​​​​​Astrid Keller
​​​​​​​Bram Vanderbeke
David Huycke
Giampaolo Babetto
Hans Henning Pedersen
Karin Johannson
Kazumi Nagano
Ruth Gurvich
Thalia Georgoulis