Inside Outside | Architectural Objects
21 July - 25 August 2019

A duo-expo with 'outdoor artworks' from Bram Vanderbeke (BE) and 'architectural jewellery' from Karin Johansson (SE)
in the venue of atelier lachaert dhanis

Both artists colour outside the lines of art and collectible design.
Bram Vanderbeke's work is sculptural, monumental and functional; balancing between brutal and sensitive, rough and poetic.
For this exhibition he brings a collection of new works for 'outdoors'; for garden, street or park.
Karin Johansson's necklaces are a colourful graphic amalgam of handmade elements in enamel, plastic, and precious metals plus crushed and 'reconstructed' stone. The inspiration and the starting point are architecture walks. Karin explains: simply by drawing a line in the picture and connecting the ends, then picking up the colours, I discovered a necklace giving hints of houses, streets, trees, water, sky, lines and directions.
David Huycke
27 January 2019

Book presentation 'DAVID HUYCKE, risky business, 25 years of silver objects'
published by arnoldsche and patrons piet & nadine salens-kegels
in the venue of atelier lachaert dhanis

David Huycke is a true virtuoso, an artist with exceptional talent; recognized worldwide as thé goldsmith of this century. With astonishing craftsmanship he seeks the physical limits of the precious metal silver. His work can be seen in the Design Museum Ghent, Röhsska Museum Gothenburg, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris ... In 2010 he obtained a doctorate with the project 'The Metamorphic Ornament: Re-Thinking Granulation, a practice based research on the contemporary artistic relevance of the ancient technique of granulation.


Ferréol Babin​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
25 November - 16 December 2018

'spoonfully yours'
A family of hand carved wooden spoons by French artist Ferréol Babin 

A Memorable Summer Sunday 
26 August 2018

A memorable summer sunday in the venue of atelier lachaert dhanis.
Connect with extraordinary artists and meet alike minds.
Be fascinated by Anna Heindl’s precious, cheerful jewellery.
Try out Dirk Vander Kooij’s innovative, colourful design furniture in the garden. 
Meet boundary breaking Galerie Zink, presenting Johannes Nagel’s intriguing porcelain work and Karl Fritsch’s playful, rebellious jewellery objects.​
Enjoy a culinary delight by enfanT Terrible. 

A culinary feast in an exceptional scenography
an event for Museum Dhondt Dhaenens
25 January 2018

This event was auctioned during the Garden Party of Museum Dhondt Dhaenens in September 2017.
Sofie Lachaert and Luc Dhanis - atelier lachaert dhanis - are hostess and host for a maximum of twenty guests. They provide an exceptional dining experience in a culinary scenography. This dinner in collaboration with Martine Mys (bRoodstop) sharpen all the senses. The recipe for this evening consists of a dose of color, a touch of humor and a generous amount of alchemy. 

Book Presentation
17 December 2017

Micha Pycke and Ruth Ruyffelaere, editors of the inspiring book 'Urban Potters - Makers in the City' share their passion for ceramics.

Aldo Bakker presents 'Tongue - A Journal'.
This booklet follows the design process of the silver art object 'Tongue'.

The Beauty of Collecting - Collecting Beauty
24 September 2017

There is no essential difference between things that are considered 'banal' and things that are 'precious'. The everyday gives a view of the sublime and the sublime is contained in the everyday.

A dialogue between collectors Henriette Neutelings (lawyer) and Luc Hanssens, (economist / partner Egon Zehnder) , about beauty and desire, about value and collecting, about inspiration and emotion.

Allegro Energico e Passionato
21 May 2017

an exhibition of visual scores and a framed aperitif concert by the 82-year-old
multi-artist and experimental jazz musician PAUL VAN GYSEGEM, accompanied by musicians Pierre Bernard and Giovanni Barcella