Ferréol Babin

'spoonfully yours'
a family of hand carved wooden spoons by Ferréol Babin 
in the venue of atelier lachaert dhanis

25 November - 16 December 2018
on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am till 5 pm
weekdays by appointment only

"Making things, having tools in my hands, giving shapes to raw materials, has always been essential to me and is what lead me to become a designer. I graduated in 2012 and opened my studio in the meantime, developing lighting and furniture for brands, and working on unique pieces. In early 2016, trying to disconnect from my work during the week ends, but still feeling the need to make things, I starting to carve small wooden objects, mainly spoons. This sunday hobby soon became quite addictive, allowing me to freely express my interest for functional yet unique and uncommon objects. Carving spoons quickly became more than a passion, as people’s curiosity, orders, and press articles suddenly started to get bigger, leading me to give now about a third or half of my working time to this practice. A spoon is a universal object, an intimate tool that speaks to everyone and that can be found in every civilisation since thousands of years. I see it as having an endless number of shapes, interpretations and purposes. If my first spoons were quite normal, straight, and functional, they soon turned into more and more sculptural, unique, and personal pieces."

for press requests and communication
please contact Clubparadis 

​​​​​​​David Huycke
book presentation

Sunday 27 January 2019

'risky business, 25 years of silver objects'
published by arnoldsche
sponsored by piet & nadine salens-kegels

welcome from 10am

the book presentation starts at 11am
with an introduction by piet salens
and the book signing by david huycke

at 1pm Artecetera organises a surprising contextual lunch buffet
you can register for lunch by transferring €60 per person
to Artecetera / Tielrode / IBAN BE24000443245338 / BIC BPOTBEB1
with the following information: 'David Huycke, followed by your name,
e-mail address, mobile number and number of participants'